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“Empathy by Design” is an online studio for those of us who care so deeply about our commitments to the people we serve that we find the lack of support for our endeavors both confusing and frustrating.

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    The program runs in increments of 3 months, and it will be...

  1. Structured by 6 bimonthly online meetings. (4 hours per month)
  2. Supported by 12 weekly peer support sessions. (4 hours per month)
  3. Facilitated by a professional executive coach.
  4. Driven by your own personal intention, purpose, and vision.
  5. Evolved by a set of continuously self-initiated projects

If so, ...

You may also be feeling overwhelmed or isolated given the seemingly insurmountable challenge ahead of you.

It’s worth noting that such feelings of confusion, frustration, overwhelm, and isolation can naturally breed within us a sense of resentment and contempt, enough to propell us to be in constant blame and judgment of these people. This is normal.

When such feelings are sustained for the long term, we may start noticing our energy drain away as we begin the journey of becoming apathetic and jaded, maybe even burning out.

The good news is that these feelings are well-known symptoms of getting stuck in the paradigm of problem solving, unaware that there exists other more influential and sustainable ways of caring, which we can learn through practice.

The question is “Are you willing to train in these new ways?”

Program Intention

I believe that the key to effective care lies in having the freedom to choose not only problem solving, but also a requisite variety of new or unexpected ways of appreciating, understanding, expressing, and being in our relationship to both ourselves and others. I also believe that what lies at the heart of acquiring this freedom is the art and science of realizing empathy.

We may be born with empathy. We may have empathy. Yet, realizing this empathy can be very difficult. This is especially so when we are faced with differences and conflicts in culture, expertise, power, and needs.

This program will challenge you to go beyond expecting or telling other people to realize their empathy with you and instead realize your empathy with them. At the same time, this program will also invite you to take personal reponsibility not only for the people you serve, but also for yourself. You will learn that when we change the way we care for ourselves we also dramatically develop our ability to realize our empathy with a greater variety of others in a greater variety of situations.

    Program Difference

  • Custom fit: Unlike programs that focus on delivering pre-planned content, this program will customize itself to fit your own personal intention, purpose, and vision.
  • Immersive: Unlike programs that focus on providing passive videos, slides, or reading materials, this program will provide live experiential learning through exercises, experiments, observations, reflections, and first-hand implementations.
  • Socially Supported: Unlike programs that focus on solo learning, this program will, first of all, provide greater support by pairing you up with a partner who will also be your accountability buddy. Secondly, the program will also provide regular opportunities to receive feedback and support from other members.
  • Practical: Unlike programs that give you insights and leave it to you to figure out how to translate it to practice, this program will help you translate the insights you’ve acquired into a practice that fits the reality of your situation.

Focus on Empathy

This program is being offered at a time when you’re hearing a lot about the word empathy. They say that empathy is “important.” But you’re wondering “How so? How does it work? What are its limits? How do I apply it? Is it something I can actually work on?” This program will help you and your fellow participants work together to find the answer to all those questions and more. Most importantly, you will get to tailor the answers to your situation.

Program Tuition

The tuition for the program is USD 500 per person per month. Minimum commitment is 3 months.

In many cases, your company will reimburse you if you ask the HR department.

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